Strategic Planning 2014 – 2015 Workshop

Asala Company for Credit and Development conducted a workshop in May 2014 in Jordan to review and build the Company’s strategic plan 2014-2015. The members of the Board of Directors and administrative team attended the workshop.

The review workshop discussed 2013 milestones and assessed the outcomes of the previous plan and the extent to which they fit the new developments in the small financing sector of Palestine. The workshop reviewed the reasons that made Asala Company excel in order to strengthen them. The points of weakness were also reviewed so as to learn from them and to overcome them. The participants used group analysis approach.


The workshop discussed the capacities of Asala Company and how programs fitted Palestinian women’s needs –in line with the mission and objectives of Asala Company, how to further improve the programs of microfinance to reach out to the largest possible number of women who seek to improve their economic conditions.


Workshop participants agreed that it was necessary to further build the capacity of the team to meet the needs of the target groups and to enable Asala Company to continue to provide services to the most impoverished households in Palestine and reach out to the most marginalized areas that are the outcome of the economic and political situations of Palestine.

The workshop provided updates to Asala Company’s Strategic Plan including the programs and services of the Company that spread in nine key locations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.