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Khulood: I am satisfied with my current conditions; however, I want my dreams to come true

Khulood Nimir, 27, from Bidia in Salfeet district, married and has one child. She used to sell clothes from home in Bidia then she took out a loan from Asala Company for Credit and Development and started opened a clothes store in her hometown. Khulood was informed about Asala Company via promotions by the Company’s [...]

Nawal: I am still young; I will continue to work to make my children’s dreams come true

Nawal Ibrahim, 51, from Deir Abu D’eef in Jenin. She has ten children aged 19 to 38. Her husband cannot work for health reasons. Nawal is a farmer like many people in the northern districts of Palestine. She also knits and makes handmade clothes and beads accessories. She is an administrative member of a women [...]