This is Asala Company for Credit and Development Annual Report 2014 containing achievements of financial programs and other programs. We are certain that you will review it, analyze it, and provide feedback on our programs and function, which will be taken into consideration to ensure continued development and success in serving Palestinian women and Palestinian national economy via programs and services.

Many accomplishments were made in 2014; we also faced the usual challenges. However, the difficult conditions resulting from the occupation, poverty, and low income did not stop Asala Company from expanding and reaching out to the largest possible number of women who lived in poverty in marginalized areas. The purpose is to help women change the difficult economic conditions; hence, Asala Company provides them with the best credit facility.

The real success for Asala Company is in the achievements businesswomen make such as better income and influence on the relationship between businesswomen and the society as well as ensuring women’s economic empowerment. These are incentives for Asala Company to intensify work and efforts to reach out to the largest possible number of women and to larger areas to always achieve better results and to realize the mission and objectives of Asala Company.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the administrative and field teams of Asala Company. Their belief in the mission and objectives of Asala Company enabled us to overcome impediments and secure achievements. I would like to especially thank Palestinian women, and the businesswomen who benefit from the programs and services of Asala Company, who with power and resilience made several national achievements.

We hope that 2015 will be a year of more successes and achievements for the Palestinian people and the resilient Palestinian women in the State of Palestine that safeguards freedom and human dignity. I wish Asala Company more progress and prosperity.

Mrs. Reem Abboushi, the Executive Director