Allow me to present to you Asala Company for Credit and Development Annual Report 2014 on behalf of myself and that of the Board of Directors. The report focuses on the financial results of the Company and the programs, plans, and activities, which the Company accomplished in 2014. Undoubtedly, these accomplishments had positive impact on the Palestinian economy especially on integration of women into the Palestinian market by establishing and developing income-generating businesses that enhanced resilience and status of Palestinian women at economic levels.

Asala Company plays leading role in realizing the economic development objectives of Palestinian women through small and microfinance and providing support to impoverished women in order to have better social situation and involvement in economic activities.

In 2014, Asala Company financed small and microbusinesses in production, agriculture, and trade, which are the most influential sectors of the Palestinian national economy. Asala Company also financed businesses in the service and consumption sector. The report shows the sector distribution of such activities.

Let me reassure you that Asala Company does its best to realize its mission and enhance its contribution, however humble, to the building of the homeland. This is accomplished through developing financial programs and reaching out to the most marginalized areas to enhance Palestinian women’s role. Hence, Palestinian women would remain an example of giving and a cornerstone for resilience and development of the national economy.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the successful foundation of Asala Company, the Board of Directors, the executive management, the field team, and local and international partners. Most importantly, I would like to thank Palestinian women who can always rise again in spite of all economic, political, and social hardships to reaffirm their effective economic role in the Palestinian society.

Asala Company has corporate social responsibility with an objective of ensuring concrete progress in Palestinian women’s economic and social life. Women can then achieve public and private rights. To this end, Asala Company also provides services to complement the financial services.

I do hope that the coming days will be even better for Asala Company and will bring progress and peace to Palestinian women and Palestinian people.